Tron millonairre in 10 months

Bitcoin took off in 2009 and gave people the option to get in at 0.02 cents. Hardly anyone believed in it then and now it stands at 20,000 euros. What if such a possibility were to arise again? would you like to board? I already hear YES, of course! Tron cryptocurrency, millionaire in 10 months now gives you a unique opportunity to enter via Celeritas smart contract.

Well, TRON or Trx, currently tradable 100 billion and listed on the stock exchange, now stands at approx. 0.03 euros. But you don’t just go in. Celeritas is a company that will work now with TRON smartcontracts. A smart contract is a blockchain controlled system. That is to say, it is controlled by various computers and cannot be forged, so fraud is out of the question and nobody can touch it. This smart contract is a contract that provides tokens from peer to peer, just like you receive an email from another person, but in the middle is the blockchain system to keep everything running smoothly.

CELERITAS video or powerpoint presentation send your emailadres to mailbox:

Celeritas is the smartcontract that takes care of the administration and provides direct control of the payments of commissions to you. The system works as follows: Your private wallet (for example at Bitvavo, you do not have a wallet yet, click on Bitvavo). Via your private wallet you can transfer Trons to another wallet called Tronlink. Tronlink has a Dapp function, i.e. it can put Trons in a Blockchain, called Trongrid system, where it is converted into a smart contract. More on this later. Your Trons or Trx in Tronlink wallet is linked with Trongrid blockchain, from here the commissions are divided.

EARNINGS I will further explain what Celeritas can do for you, so how you can get in and what it will yield. Earnings consist of 4 types of income> 1 = active 20-40% application fee 2 = passive from levels 4% to 11 levels 3 = 1% from 11 global wallets 4 = apart from celeritas stock market gains or exchange gains from Tron.

You can enter via your referral link with a minimum of 500 Trons costs approximately 15 euros, yield in the long term approximately 60,000 euros. see schedule What can you earn on balance from this Celeritas project? A Raffle IN YOUR OWN HAND!

step A – as mentioned earlier provide an external ewallet or wallet, see bitvavo marked in blue. Entry: step-by-step plan: your 1=external ewallet (bitvavo or another) ….> 2=Tronlink wallet + referal link + 500 Trx goes to slot 1 in ….> Trongrid & Tronlink are now linked together with smart contract celeritas.

step B-create your Tronlink account via your desktop or laptop computer with chrome and link this trongrid account by testing if possible!How to get a Tronlink wallet on your computer Use the Google Chrome browser from your desktop Go to Click on Chrome extension then Chrome Web Store Click on the blue add button to Chrome Click Add extension Click Create account. Create username and password, write it down somewhere secret place. Or take a picture of the 12 words with your mobile phone and write them down, and keep them away from your computer.

Earn model A: How to earn the amounts in 2 ways. Celeritas works with a matrix factor 3: 3-9-27-91-etc-66339. You do not have to do anything, you will passively receive your winnings.

Earn model B: here you grow much faster through bet. It can be done as follows. You register and at the same time 3 people receive 20% of their investment. Your referral 12% and his referral 8%. But that doesn’t matter. You will receive more information and explanation after boarding. You can qualify to be millionaire in 10 months, but fast guys can also qualify earlier and even in 10 weeks.

MILLIONAIRE in 10 weeks? GREAT SECRET only for the first 5 persons!

How fast can you become a Millionaire effect works quickly and effectively, tell 3-5 men exactly what to do. In turn, they must do the same. Are you able to instruct in week 1-3man? week2-2 man week 3Your referral does the same week4-his referral …. for a total of 10 slots you need 10×2 weeks = 20 weeks … in short in 5 months a millionaire at the earliest! Earn way C = externally: the fact that now millions of people are going to buy Tron, the price will go up, so be smart also put some Trons in your external wallet like coinbase


For more information become telegram contact (singh goerdat) and second you can whatsapp me+31 642222002 or send message to mailbox: to help you step by step!